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Your wish is our command.

At Creative Homes, we know that sometimes a floor plan might not be quite right until you put your own twist on it. We can customize any floor plan no matter the location to make your home perfect for you. Our in-house designers are able to make adjustments, spanning from simple tweaks to moving entire walls to craft a home that fits your lifestyle. Contact our team to begin building your dream today.

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Basic Options

Whether you need an extra window or maybe just a wider staircase, you can select from our most popular additions and options to make the most out of your new home.


Whether you want to add an extra bedroom, or perhaps a porch, let us make your dreams a new reality.

Start from scratch.

Perhaps you have a vision for your new home, but need someone to help bring it to life. We’ve built homes for many customers who started with a big idea and a sketch on the back of a napkin. After all, there is a reason they call it a dream home.

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